Ottawa, Ohio's first Bowling Estableshment

The first bowling alley in Ottawa was on Main St. in the 1st building East of the courthouse. There were two lanes and gambling of all kinds. It was owned by the Kaple family. It was noted as a "rough" place to go in the early 1930's. Gambling, smoking, etc.
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We think the 2 lane bowling Alley was located in east part of the corner building.

Kaple Bowling Alley - 1930's Click photo below to view larger
The picture below,is not the Ottawa location, but represents the time period.
NOTE: With the powerful balls thrown today, along with lighter pins, those pin boys would be in mortal danger. There are no records on mortaility rates available for any time period.
"Bud McGrue Bowling Alley" located up-stairs at 127 West Main St. No date available - It was duckpin bowling Click photo below to view larger

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